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The Lungu Presidency: Gift from God or Treat from the Devil

July 23, 2017 4:32 AM
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The Lungu Presidency: Gift from God or Treat from the Devil

The PF Government under Mr. Lungu likes to associate itself as Christian and has even appointed a ministry of religion and national misguidance so let me borrow from biblical wisdom to examine whether this government is from God or the kingdom of darkness. Two relevant passages in the Bible are key to answering this big issue of consequence in our country today. In this article, I present a brief treatment of God and the government, the rise of President Edgar Lungu, the biblical scorecard of leaders from God, and the conclusion.

Five years ago, past his 50 he was a deputy minister in the new PF government. He was a UPND under Anderson Mazoka, who defected to the PF. After PF had won the 2011 election, Mr. Lungu became Deputy Minister. He was subsequently promoted to Minister of Home Affairs on 9 July 2012. He became Minister of Defence on 24 December 2013 after Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba resigned from the position. He was never appointed Vice-President when the President was well and could think soberly. At the peak of the illness of the President Mr. Lungu, a nephew in marriage to the President was left with keys to principal offices of the PF Secretary General and Minister of Justice on 28 August 2014 exactly two months before the Death of the President and Acting President. It was President Sata’s custom to distribute the Acting President portfolio in his absence. Moreover, the keys left in his hands were not serious job appointments following a competent vetting and an interview but merely intended to hold keys pending the recovery of the ailing President so he can make appropriate appoints later on. Mr. Lungu and his promoters used that to sell a story that he was the President’s chosen successor. A conflict ensued because President Sata did not tell all his comrades. Mr. Lungu was neither Vice President nor a person specifically and adequately trained or groomed to take over leadership but sold a story that he was the chosen successor. The Lungu camp later bulldozed the entire PF machinery through to the convention in Kabwe where a chaotic selection was held. By selecting Mr. Lungu through a plebiscite instituted by force and a show of hands in Kabwe rather than a clear choice through a contested ballot the PF had officially transitioned from a democracy into an ineptocracy. Since then Mr. Lungu has never won a clean landslide or uncontested election. It’s more of a testament to his ability and political skills as a leader more than anything else.

According to the Bible in this passage LEADERS worth remembering have three irrefutable characteristics. Three incredible attributes that make them stand out which we can use to isolate them. A three-point scorecard for identifying them.

How do you score Mr.Lungu on this Biblical scorecard of leadership worth remembering?

Here is my score and why? Biblical leaders are those leaders that are worth remembering on account of their dream/vision, their message, and their character.

First, leaders worth remembering are those with a mental picture of a constructive future state for their people. In other words, some compelling attribute or corporate aspiration of the kind of future they can personally build towards and inspire their people to work towards together as a united front.In ancient literature, it was called a faith worth imitating. In contemporary culture, we just call it a vision, others call it a dream. Every leader worth their position has to have this as a cause for which they stand and the reason why they must lead. For example, for Moses, it was to lead generations of enslaved Israelites out of Egypt to a country of their own. For KK it was to lead the 72 tribes of Northern Rhodesia into a free, independent state of Zambia. For Frederick Chiluba, it was to lead the nation of Zambia out of the tyranny of the one party state into an experiment with multi-party democracy or simply as he fondly called it demo kra see. All of these leaders had a cause connected to more freedom for their people and a passion for a better life for all their countrymen and women. For Mr. Lungu, I don’t know. Please fill in the blank….. We are into nearly 2 and half years of his reign, and there are reports that he intends to go for the third term in 2021, but I have struggled to locate Mr. Lungu’s dream for Zambia. In fact, I heard that he himself indicated he has NO VISION for Zambia.

a) Nganawina muka mona ifyo nkamuchita HH” (when I win you will see what I will do to HH.

c) “Dununa Reverse” (kicked it backward) which he danced, sweated, and celebrated at those rallies.

Little did his hearers know it would be indeed a reverse, taking the country backward. A return to a one party dictatorship and the perils of a Kaboke state. Despite being a leader of a very poor and struggling country with many difficulties and challenges Mr. Edgar Lungu had no message of hope for our people in all his campaigns only threats. Even his last press conference at Statehouse [July 8th, 2017] the only time he showed passion for his topic was when he was accusing and threatening his countrymen. We are into nearly 2 and half years of his reign, and there are rumors that he wants to go for the third term in 2021, but I have struggled to locate Mr. Lungu’s up lighting message for the people of Zambia in his speeches. Okay, here I must sympathize; usually, a message is a based on a compelling vision for the country, what can you say if you have no vision, nothing! Maulesi!

We Zambia we can do better! This is why from the beginning I opposed the installation of Mr. Lungu, first as President of our party the PF and second as President of our Country! Please join me in a prayer for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people to be raised in our country. So that the people of Zambia can rejoice again. We don’t need a brutal, cruel dictatorship we need a government from God. We sure didn’t get one!


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