The Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer Has Been Revealed

January 13, 2014 2:00 AM

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The Game of Thrones Season Four Trailer Has Been Revealed

Posted on 12 January 2014 by Carrie

As season four of Game of Thrones approaches, HBO has been hard at work getting us ready for all the death, fighting (lots and lots of fighting), magic to come and new faces to come. Season three left off with many of our favorites dying brutal deaths at the hands of their enemies (whether known to them or not) as autumn fell across Westeros. Renly Baratheon was assassinated, alliances were altered and the evil, bastard king that we all want to see beheaded and spiked in front of his own palace has managed a successful alliance with House Tyrell. Stannis was defeated and with his army scattered or decimated by wildfire, he has returned to Dragonstone, but he’s not done battling for the Iron Throne as he works with Melisandre to take back his rightful title.

After raiding Winterfell, Theon has been taken by a mysterious stranger (Bolton’s bastard) and has been forced to endure unrelenting torture throughout the many months that have passed. Bran has made a break beyond the Wall with his new comrades Jojen Reed and Meera, while after a White Walker attack, a mutiny at Craster’s Keep and the death of Lord Commander Mormont, Samwell has taken off with Gilly to taker her to the Wall for safety. Jon Snow continued his ruse with the Free Folk and found companionship with Ygritte, but ultimately realized the threat and danger the Free Folk pose to the Wall and those who live south of it and abandoned the Free Folk to return to the Night’s Watch with Ygritte’s arrows in his flesh. And after winning numerous battles, Robb was in a good place, despite his mother’s collusion to return Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing. His winning streak soon began to fail upon his marriage to Talisa, thereby breaking his promise and alliance to House Frey. As a result and in the biggest shocker of the season, Robb Stark, his young, pregnant bride, mother and entire army are brutally slain at the Red Wedding.

Meanwhile, Jaime continued making his trek to King’s Landing with Brienne, but came across some trouble along the way when captured by Bolton’s men who sever his favorite hand. Due to Bolton’s betrayal, however, Jaime is released and after returning to save Brienne from a bear, they have successfully made their way to King’s Landing…too late for Arya Stark who has already escaped and found herself travelling with Clegane after running from the Brotherhood without Banners who betrayed her by handing Gendry over to an unknown fate at Melisandre’s hands (he’s escaped that fate with Davos’ help, btw). The Hound took Arya to the Robb’s wedding for ransom in time to see everyone slain, after which Arya began on her path to become an assassin. While across the Narrow Sea, Dany has gathered her army and is on the move, taking out one city at a time as she goes.

With all that happened in season three, what could season four possibly have in store for us and what shocking deaths will come from it? Let’s face it, the show (and books) aren’t exactly known for preserving people! Check out the trailer to see what you can garner! Game Of Thrones returns April 6th on HBO.


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