Q&A: Jessica Bennett, Curator of Lean In’s Feminist Stock Photos

February 10, 2014 8:58 PM

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Q&A: Jessica Bennett, Curator of Lean In’s Feminist Stock Photos

. So I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is to find imagery that doesn’t suck. This is always something I’ve been kind of interested in. I worked with my friend Pam Grossman at Getty, who has the best job ever: She’s an image anthropologist, studying image trends. We were talking about this over drinks one day and we were like, What could we do that would try to solve this problem? So we brought the idea to Sheryl and to her bosses at Getty. We were able to make this happen pretty quickly. But Pam and I were the ones sifting through dozens of pages a day, selecting images we found empowering.

Getty is very familiar with their collections, so Pam’s team started pulling some. I spent a full day scrolling through images. We would look for red flags. The images were diverse, not just in terms of industry, but in terms of race and body type and age. We wanted to make sure that men were included. There's a variety of reasons for why there is an abundance of the same sort of stock imagery, but now, art directors and photo editors, you have no excuse.

There’s going to be demands for new and more imagery, so we’re going to keep adding to the collection every month, and Getty has committed to creating new imagery as well.

Source: nymag.com

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