Zimbabwe: Gono steps down as governor

December 1, 2013 8:11 AM

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Eyewitness News | Yesterday, 17:02

JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwe's Central Bank Governor, Gideon Gono, who held office when the country's hyper–inflation spiraled out of control, has left at the end of his 10–year–term. In a farewell statement, Gono said like any mortal being he wasn't perfect. Gideon Gono says he's leaving the central bank a very happy person. He took office in 2003 and during his tenure he faced heavy criticism for fueling the inflation crisis by authorising the printing the printing of ever denominations of Zimbabwe's infamous bearer cheques. By 2009 the Zim dollar was worthless and to be replaced by with rand and US dollar. In his farewell statement Gono insisted that during his term, he helped defend the country's sovereignty and economic interest. His deputy, Charity Dhliwayo will now take over from Gono until a new governor is picked by President Robert Mugabe.

Source: ewn.co.za

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