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Mnangagwa: Unfinished coup business

March 12, 2018 6:09 PM
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ZIMBABWEANS know that ED is not his own man although he is working very hard to impress upon everyone that he is. He is a captured man on the basis of how he found himself in power. His 180 days after winning elections will deal more with political expectations and rewarding those yet to be rewarded for their part in the coup. There is a lot of unfinished business in this area. A number of people are demanding their fair share for their part in the less than constitutional activities of November 2017.

Firstly, the Army said it wanted to deal with criminals that surrounded the former President. It got the whole nation to rally behind the idea. Instead of dealing with the criminals as we understood the gravity of the matter; they grabbed positions of power in the new government, pardoned their friends who are the actual criminals who had externalized lots of foreign currency, and then started pursuing G40 petty political criminals who stole petty cash as if this is our national problem. They dragged the whole nation to participate in dealing with the Zanu PF crisis because they had failed to deal with it at party level as team lacoste, to which army commanders belong, had lost the game to the wiser and slick G40 team.

Surprisingly, not even one criminal has been dealt with to this day. Instead, the $15 billion criminals have senior positions in Zanu PF and government. Those that externalized millions of dollars have been given an amnesty so that they can enjoy their loot freely in the new dispensation. This is why this cash never found its way into the banks. The people of Zimbabwe must be wiser. Come on!! ED has been very deceitful, dishonest; he has lied to the people of Zimbabwe. Is this the kind of President who will take us to the land of milk and honey? A big NO!


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